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Kayak Hoist - Lift Pulley System

Kayak Hoist - Lift Pulley System
Kayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Main ViewKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Hook Sling SystemKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Front View Hoist BracketsKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Demonstration Holding KayakKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Demonstration Holding Bike
Kayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Strong Cord and Metal Pulley HousingKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Can Be Opeated By One PersonKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - Strong Webbing StrapsKayak Roof Hoist Lift Pulley - All Parts Needed For Assembly

Our kayak hoist lift pulley system was designed for those with looking to store their kayak off the ground and out of the way when it is not needed. This can be ideal in a garage where floor space is at a premium.

One person can operate the kayak hoist with relative ease and the kit comes with all the pulleys, hooks, straps, screws, wall plugs and the cleat needed to mount it to the roof of you garage, shed or similar indoor space. If you are not a competent DIYer though, we recommend hiring someone skilled to fit them for you.

The kayak hoist can also be a great way to inspect the hull of your kayak or canoe and carry out repairs and maintenance at a height that is much easier to work on.

Although designed primarily as an easy way to store your kayak off the ground, it can also be used for a ladder or even a bicycle that you want out of the way while you work on other projects.

Suitable for lifting a Kayak, Canoe, Bike, Ladder, etc
Strong Mounting System
Can Be Operated By One Person
Neat Overhead Storage Solution
Brackets, Pulleys, Screws, Wall Plugs, Cleat: All Included

Price:27.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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