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Webbed Finger Swimming Gloves

Webbed Finger Swimming Gloves
Webbed Swimming Gloves - Main ViewWebbed Swimming Gloves - Velcro Wrist ClosureWebbed Swimming Gloves - Webbed Finger DesignWebbed Swimming Gloves - Grippy Palm Material

Our neoprene swim gloves have webbed fingers which provide additional resistance in the water whilst swimming.

These are ideal for pool drills and increase the intensity of your triathlon swim training.

The neoprene is comfortable and a velcro closure makes sure they are a good fit around the wrist.

The palm of the gloves features a coating that gives additional grip on the water.

The webbed finger glove design turns your hands into hand paddles which helps to increase propulsion.

These gloves were reviewed in 220 Triathlon Magazine and were given a fantastic 84% approval rating.
To download the entire review in PDF format please click here.

XXS 5.5-6 14-15
XS 6-6.5 15-16.5
S 6.5-7 16.5-18
M 7.5-8 19-20
L 8-9 20-22
XL 9-10 23-25.5
XXL 10-11 25.5-28

Price:7.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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