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SW1 Sports Watch

SW1 Sports Watch

Price: 25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Our SW1 Sports Watch offers a long list of features. It is high quality, has a long battery life and all at a very low cost. It combines the features of a regular sports watch; stopwatch, countdown timer etc, plus features normally only found on much more expensive watches; heart rate monitor and pedometer.

The heart rate monitor function will give you a readout of your current pulse rate when you press your thumb and forefinger onto the metal bezel. The pedometer function will measure the number of steps taken whilst running or walking and from that data, will estimate the distance travelled and number of calories used. The watch will keep a 50 day historical record of the pedometer data, so you can look back and see your activity level on previous days.

The watch is fully waterproof and is suitable for swimming, kayaking and most other water sports. For under water use it is suitable for snorkelling and shallow diving down to 10m. The watch strap is long enough to wear on your wrist over a wetsuit.


12/24hr time
Dot Matrix LCD Display
Heart Rate Display
Useable down to 10m underwater
Dual Alarms
Countdown timer
EL backlight
Hourly Chime
Durable strap
Uses CR2032 battery

Watch Comes in 3 colours; Black, Brown, Green

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