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20L Camouflage Dry Bag - Roll Down

20L Camouflage Dry Bag - Roll Down
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Our camouflage drybags are ideal for military or civilian use and are made from a tough durable medium weight fabric to help keep your gear dry from heavy rain etc.

The dry bags feature a roll down closure which is very effective in keeping your gear dry and water out. When dry bags like this are dropped into water they are normally buoyant enough (Unless filled with heavy gear) to float on top of the water until your get them back out again. This can be useful for doing river crossings etc when trying to keep your gear dry can be a challenge.

The bags can be used as rucksack liners and help to keep sleeping bags dry when inside a larger bag.

The camouflage pattern is LTP (Lomo Tactical Pattern) which is designed to be compatible with the British Army MTP pattern.

Capacity: 20L Capacity when closed
Material. Ripstop PVC Fabric
Construction method : Waterproof Welded Tape Seams
Black base
24cm Diameter
45cm Tall when closed
Weight: 155g

Price:7.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

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