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3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag

3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag
3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - Main View3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - 3 Point Attachment System3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - Dimensions3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - Strong Webbing Adjustable Straps3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - Attached To Bike Handlebars
3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - Double Ended Roll Top Closure3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - Easy Access From Both Sides

The Lomo 3L bikepacking handlebar bag is a small dry bag which is ideal for carrying your small essentials, snacks etc, on your bike handle bars where they are easily accessible.

The 3 point handle bar attachment system feels very secure on the bars, with little movement when travelling over rougher terrain, however we advise that you are satisfied that bag is secure and wont move as this may cause rubbing on bag. Sometimes due to handlebar design an additional strap may be required to stop bag bouncing.. This dry bag has adjustable and strong webbing straps so it can be used on the variety of handlebars like that found on a road bike or mountain bike.

This bikepacking bag has a fully waterproof exterior and features welded watertight seams, which are great when biking in the wet and wintery months. Also, with a double ended closure it is easy to access your ride kit from both sides of the bag and the roll top design means this bike bag will keep your gear dry from driving rain even when cycling at speed.

The top of the bag features crossed bungee cords which makes it really easy to attach an item that you may need to access quickly or don't have enough time to put inside the bag. Also, there is a front facing tab for attaching a light or reflector.

If you are going on a bikepacking trip then this handle bar bag will be a great addition to your bike and will pair extremely well with our 13L bikepacking seat pack. These are suitable for most types of bikes and a perfect bikepacking solution when you need a reliable and waterproof dry bag for your handlebars.

Length: 32cm (when closed)
Width: 15cm
Height: 10cm
Weight: 195 grams

Price:18.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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