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Aberfeldy Triathlon 2015

Aberfeldy Triathlon 2015

August 16th saw the 2015 Abefeldy triathlon take place in sunny Perthshire.

The midweek water temperature meant that the swim had to be cut to 750M. Lomo had to lay out a new course on Saturday and first thing Sunday morning using new larger buoys to make sighting easier.

The 'Lomo Swim' took place on Loch Tay on sunday morning just after 7am in perfect conditions, even the water temperture rose.

With such good conditions there were some really fast times.
Aberfeldy Triathlon 2015 pre event
The competitors assemble at Taymouth Marina for their pre event briefing.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Gathering
The first wave of swimmers starting to enter the water at the side of the crannog under the Lomo arch.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Water Entry
Junior and senior swimmers enter the water at 7:15 for 7:20 start.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Clockwise Swim
The swim section was clockwise this year and conditions were perfect. No swimmers were plucked from the water this year.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Exit From Water
There were quite a few competitors spotted competing in our Lomo Challenger Triathlon Wetsuit
From there the athletes left the beautiful setting of Loch Tay and headed out on the cycle leg which took them over Schiehallion and around Loch Rannoch. This year there were no winds and nice temperatures making for an excellent cycle.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Run Start 1
The Lomo Arch at the beginning of the run section. The timing matting for the race ID chips can be seen on the ground here.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Run Start 2
More pictures of the event can be seen in our gallery section.

Video: Aberfeldy Triathlon 2015 . Short Video

This video shows a quick roundup of the swim stage of the 2015 Aberfeldy Triathlon. The video is a few minutes long and gives an overview of the event.

Video: Aberfeldy Triathlon 2015 . Long Video

This video shows an extended view of the swim stage of the 2015 Aberfeldy Triathlon. The video features many of the competitors and most people should be able to see themsleves at some stage in the footage.
Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Picture Gallery

Aberfeldy 2015 Triathllon Picture Gallery

Click Here to view our photo gallery, to see hundreds of pictures from this event

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