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Borealis Reflective Beanie Hat

Borealis Reflective Beanie Hat
Borealis Reflective HatBorealis Reflective Hat - Grey Borealis Reflective Hat - Grey InteriorBorealis Reflective Hat - PurpleBorealis Reflective Hat - Purple Interior
Borealis Reflective Hat - BlueBorealis Reflective Hat - Illuminated view

The Borealis Reflective Beanie Hat is a real wolf in sheep's clothing. At first glance it's a great looking warm hat that has an Acrylic outer shell and a warm fleece lining.

But woven through the outer shell is a special thread that has retro reflective properties that means at night time the hat completely lights up if you shine a torch or car headlight at it. The reflecive fibres reflect light back towards the source making you more visible.

Retro Reflective Thread
Fleece Lining
Acrylic outer knitted shell

Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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