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CELOX Gauze Haemostatic Agent - 5ft

CELOX Gauze Haemostatic Agent - 5ft
CELOX Gauze Haemostatic Agent CELOX Gauze Haemostatic Agent - 5ft StripCELOX Gauze Haemostatic Agent - Stops Bleeding

Celox Gauze Haemostatic Agent helps stop severe bleeding by improving blood clotting at the treated area and is especially useful in challenging conditions such as wind, rain or poor visibility.

Celox gauze haemostat is for pre-hospital use by trained emergency responders to stop bleeding from life threatening injuries, including those involving major arterial injuries, gunshot wounds, road traffic accidents, hypothermic bleeding and other life-threatening bleeding injuries.

The haemostatic gauze has a compact Z-fold design which allows multiple packs to be carried, makes for easier handling and reduces application time. To use, pack the gauze directly on to the bleeding source and hold pressure for three minutes to stop bleeding.

Celox Gauze is the only haemostatic gauze used by the UK Minstry of Defence and is the haemostat of choice by multiple NATO forces.

Z Folded gauze
Thickness: 14mm
Weight: 34g

NOTE: Celox should only be used by people who are trained how to do so.

Price:43.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


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