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Centurion Dry Box - Small - With Cubed Foam

Centurion Dry Box - Small - With Cubed Foam
Small Centurion Dry BoxSmall Centurion Dry Box DimensionsSmall Centurion Dry Box Seide ViewSmall Centurion Dry Box Bottom ViewSmall Centurion Dry Box Handle End View
Small Centurion Dry Box Inside ViewSmall CenturionDry Box Valve CloseupSmall Centurion Dry Box Latch Closeup

The Small Centurion dry box is ideal for phones, keys, electronics or any other small piece of gear you want to keep safe and dry. It is compact and lightweight making it suitable for putting inside a larger container such as a rucksack or holdall.

We gave this range of dry boxes a tough name, as that's just what they are. Made from durable Polypropylene they are the toughest in our range and will take more abuse than most other cases of a similar type.
The cases are designed to keep rain and dust from getting to your equipment whilst also protecting them from bumps and scrapes that they might encounter along the way. The polypropylene material is more durable and less likely to shatter than the material most other dry boxes are made from.

These waterproof boxes can withstand heavy rain and will even keep your gear dry during brief immersions in water. As the boxes are sealed tight they will normally float if dropped into water unless you have unusually heavy items inside. The watertightness of these boxes comes from a full silicone gasket that goes around the full opening of the box.

The boxes feature an air pressure release valve that can be opened if going on board a plane to help equalise the pressure inside and outside the box. Without this it can make a dry box almost impossible to open again after landing.
This dry box comes complete with pick and pluck cubed foam as standard which allows you to customise the shape of the foam support being given to the contents. Many other boxes of this type charge extra for this type of foam.

Centurion Dry Boxes feature a comfortable over moulded handle that has a solid polypropylene core covered by a softer rubber grip sleeve. This makes the handle both strong and comfortable to use.
Centurion Dry Boxes feature an externally braced construction that makes each panel more rigid than it would be normally whilst keeping the weight to a minimum. The reinforced hinges help keep the box securely closed and the double step latches keep the box lid closed tight whilst also making opening easy.

Each Centurion Dry Box features retro reflective panels on the outside which helps keep you visible if carrying them at night or if they are strapped to the back of a bike or motorcycle.

Outside Dimensions 252 x 172 x 101mm
Inside Dimensions 183 x 118 x 85mm
Capacity 1.8L

Price:23.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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