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Carbon Fibre Greenland Split Kayak Paddle

Carbon Fibre Greenland Split Kayak Paddle
Carbon Fibre Split Greenland PaddleCarbon Fibre Split Greenland Paddle - Adjustable LengthCarbon Fibre Split Greenland Paddle - DimensionsCarbon Fibre Split Greenland Paddle - Carbon BladesCarbon Fibre Split Greenland Paddle - Adjustable Feather
Greenland Paddle Bag

Designed to resemble traditional wooden Greenland paddles, this two-piece Carbon Fibre Greenland Split Kayak Paddle is made entirely of carbon fibre, making it stiff, durable, super lightweight and perfect for both beginners and experienced kayakers.

Greenland paddles are used as an alternative to larger bladed paddles as they can reduce strain on the body, perform well in high winds and can also improve stroke efficiency and rolling techniques.

Our Greenland paddle is also extremely versatile due to its adjustable length and feather, making it comfortable to use and adaptable to suit different paddling styles. It splits in two for easy storage and transport and is easily assembled and adjusted using a central flip lock mechanism.

When assembled, the minimum length of the paddle is 220cm. This can be extended to its maximum length of 230cm, making it suitable for a variety of users. The feather can be adjusted up to 90 degrees in either direction so is ideal for both right- and left-handed paddlers.

A glossy clear coat has been added for extra protection and strength and the paddle also comes with a handy storage bag.

Assembled Max length: 230cm
Assembled Min length: 220cm
Disassembled lengths: 124cm, 112cm
Maximum blade width: 9.5cm
Minimum blade width : 5cm
Blade area : 664cm2 per blade

Weight : 700g

Price:199.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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