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SMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red

SMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red
SMB 3 - Surface Marker Buoy - Main ViewSMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red - view 2SMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red - view 3SMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red - view 4SMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red - view 5
SMB 4 - Diver's Delayed SMB - Red - view 6

The Lomo SMB 4 is a delayed surface marker buoy DSMB and features self-sealing, over pressure valve, spring loaded inflation valve and light reflective top panel.

This is a vital piece of kit when diving, especially from a boat. Quick and easy to deploy, this DSMB will help divers to be seen and safe on the surface, with it's bright colour and reflective strip, and also used to help ascent via a line at the end of a dive from the sea bed or wreck.

Inflation is made easy, either by air from a regulator through the opening at the bottom or by using a low pressure hose from a BCD or drysuit connected to the spring loaded inflation valve.

An over pressure valve prevents over inflation and makes it easy to deflate the marker buoy after the dive and the D-ring aids easy attachment to the line from a dive reel. A ring at the top can also be used to attached a message slate or glowstick.

The SMB 4 wraps up neatly using the velcro strap and bungee cord so it can be stored in your BCD or drysuit pocket.

Being a self-sealing DSMB this will prevent the marker buoy losing air once it reaches the surface and the weight located at the bottom will help it remain vertical which helps its visibility on the water.

Length: 180cm
Colour: Red

Price:29.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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