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Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float with Mesh Pouch

Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float with Mesh Pouch
Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float with Mesh PouchTow Float DimensionsTow Float FeaturesDry Bag FeaturesMesh Pouch
Inflation Valve

The Lomo Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float with Mesh Pouch is a great accessory for increasing the visibility of swimmers and other open water users.

This tow float has been specifically designed following customer requests for a way to store small items but keep them easily accessible while in the water, such as snacks, inhalers, torches etc.

The Hi Vis colour scheme makes this buoy visible from a long distance while the external non-dry mesh pouch allows the swimmer easy access to their belongings while in the water.

The float has a waist strap, which can be adjusted to fit, and is easy to inflate and deflate via the wide mouth inflation valve. A webbing strap, which can be set to the desired length for swimming, attaches the float securely to the strap around your waist.

To keep the bag afloat in case of accidental puncture, this tow float has been designed with dual chambers. Between the two chambers there is a dry bag section, which features a roll top closure and has enough space to store your essential items while you swim.

This float is constructed using high quality materials and RF-welded seams for strength and durability. An internal plastic skirt has been added to the entrance of the dry bag to further increase the protection from water. We do, however, always recommend 'double bagging' electronic items before placing them inside.

Ideal for triathlon training and open water swim training.

Please note this is not a life saving device.

Please do not overinflate, as if left in the sun air will expand and float could develop a leak.

Dimensions (when inflated):
Length: 57cm
Width: 26cm
Pouch width: 19.5cm
Pouch Length: 26cm
Max waist strap length: 113cm / 44"

Price:23.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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