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Wetsuit and Drysuit Repairs

Drysuit Repairs

Drysuit Repairs

Unfortunately we are unable to accept repairs from outside of the UK at present. We are very sorry about this.

We can repair surface drysuits such as kayak and sailing drysuits that are made from breathable and non breathable material.

We can offer:
Seal replacement
Pressure testing
Re taping of seams
Hole patching

ItemLomo DrysuitOther Brand of Drysuit
Replace Neck Seal3540
Replace Flat Socks3540
Replace Wrist Seals3540
Replace 3D socks4550
Pressure Test1220
Repair Small Tear812
Repair Small Leak1522
Repair Medium Leak3040
Repair Large Leak5065
Repair Extra Large Leak7590

Leaking suits may require a pressure test first to identify the source of the leak.

We can do other services no listed here. Feel free to give us a call to enquire if you require a service not listed.
Wetsuit Repairs

Wetsuit Repairs

We can repair many different makes of wetsuits and commonly do the following tasks.

Repair torn and ripped panels
Zip repair or replacement

Triathlon Wetsuit Repairs

Triathlon Wetsuit Repairs

Triathlon wetsuits can be quite easily torn and damaged and we offer a repair service that can fix most rips in a triathlon wetsuit.

Our Glasgow repair facility is one of the best in the Scotland and we have sewing machines, a bartacker, seam sealing machines, pressure testing facilities and other items of equipment to help repair and service your drysuit or wetsuit.

Call our office on 0141 221 7674 or bring your suit into the shop for us to asses what is required. Most repairs are complete within 7 days.

We can offer a mail delivery service for your repairs. We charge £5.75 on top of the above prices for us to courier your suit back to you after repair.

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