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Orders to EU Countries

Orders to EU countries now come under the new rules set by the EU for imports. The cost of shipping to EU has unfortunately increased as the couriers now charge us a fee for processing customs paperwork. We are sorry but this has had to be added to the shipping cost that you will be charged.

When the order arrives in your country you will most likely have to pay taxes such as duty and vat in your local country. There may also be a fee you need to pay for the processing of this payment. The payment of this fee and the taxes are your responsibility. If you are not willing to pay these fees locally then PLEASE DONT ORDER FROM US. If you cancel your order after we have despatched it because of this you won't get all your money back as we have incurred the cost of shipping it to you already. Our delivery company will most likely be the one to contact you about the payment of these fees and these will normally have to be paid before you receive the goods.

The good news is that because the UK is no longer part of the EU we don't charge you VAT at checkout. So the amount you pay us for the goods is now less than before, but you'll probably need to pay the vat etc when it arrives in your country. Please note that parcels don't always clear customs in the country that you live in so you may need to pay the VAT in Belgium if you live in Italy for example. This is normal as the couriers often clear customs in bulk at the point the transport reaches the EU.

We have currently suspended orders from Spain. This is due to Spanish customs restrictions. We are having more problems getting orders into Spain than any other EU country so have had to suspend shipping. We ship our products all over the world every day and have never experienced the type of restrictions that Spain currently have in place. We apologise to our Spanish customers for this, but it is Spanish authorities have put these measures in place. Hopefully these problems will get resolved in the months ahead.

After a good start in being able to ship to Ireland we have now hit some problems. Ireland have announced that we can't ship anything made of metal to our customers !!!!! Irish customs are now rejecting products such as kayak trolleys, roof racks, tent pegs, camping cook set etc. It appears we can ship other products though. Parcelforce, our International courier will no longer collect these items for dispatch. We are sorry to our Irish customers and would ask you to raise the matter with your government. Unfortunately our website cannot differentiate between metal and non metal products when you order them so it will accept your order; so we would have to cancel it afterwards. Please note that it only affects metal products so things like wetsuits etc should be OK at present.

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