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FireDragon Folding Mini Cooker

FireDragon Folding Mini Cooker
FireDragon Mini CookerFireDragon Mini Cooker - Closed DimensionsFireDragon Mini Cooker - Open DimensionsFireDragon Mini Cooker - Fuel Sold Separately

The FireDragon Folding Mini Cooker is a compact and lightweight cooker made from aluminium which can be folded to suit the size of your cooking pot.

The fuel receiver helps to improve burn efficiency and so improves cooking time and reduces the amount of fuel you need.

This cooker can be used with FireDragon Solid Fuel, other solid fuels, gels and some liquid fuels although must not be used with petrol.

The compact cooker is ideal for carrying and storing FireDragon solid fuel blocks as there is room for two to be stored inside.

Can be used with many fuels
Compact and lightweight
Durable and waterproof
Easy to use

Fuel not included.

Weight: 55g

Price:2.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

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