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First Aider Rucksack, With Comprehensive Contents

First Aider Rucksack, With Comprehensive Contents
First Aider Rucksack With Comprehensive ContentsFirst Aider Rucksack - Lightweight and ComfortableFirst Aider Rucksack - Durable and Waterproof

The First Aider Rucksack is a comprehensive first aid kit perfect for experienced first aiders and medical professionals on the move.

The First Aid Rucksack is lightweight, comfortable and is ideal for high-risk environments outdoors or on worksites with difficult access, like construction sites or oil rigs, where supplies may need to be carried across difficult ground or up ladders.

The rucksack is durable and water resistant and can be used in any weather conditions. It has straps that permit easy transportation and six compartments which allow plenty of space for first aid content and help organise your items.

The portable first aid rucksack comes in green, with a white cross and 'First Aid' marking, making it easy to recognise the first aid person.

1x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
4x HypaCover First Aid Dressings, 12cm x 12cm
3x HypaCover First Aid Dressings, 18cm x 18cm
3x HypaBand Triangular Bandages
2x HypaBand Conforming Bandages, 7.5cm
3x HypaCover Eye Dressings
60x HypaPlast Washproof Plasters
30x HypaClean Sterile Wipes
2x HypaPlast Microporous Tapes, 2.5cm
9x HypaTouch Nitrile Gloves (Pair)
3x HypaCover Finger Dressings
1x HypaGuard Face Shield
2x HypaGuard Foil Blankets
2x Burn Dressings, 10cm x 10cm
1x Clothing Cutters
3x Burn Gel Sachets
6x Self Seal Waste Bags
5x HypaClens Eye Wash Pods (20ml)
2x HypaClens Eye Wash Bottles (250ml)
1x HypaCool Instant Cold Pack
1x Dressing Scissors

30cm x 40cm x 15cm
Weight: 1.8kg

Price:89.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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