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First Response Kit - With Contents

First Response Kit - With Contents
First Response Kit First Response Kit - Contents

The First Response Kit from Steroplast is the grab-and-go kit for any emergency. It enables first responders to rush to the aid of an injured individual and provide medical assistance.

The first aid kit opens through 180 degrees, so the contents are immediately visible, enabling an individual to administer first aid treatment faster. The contents are clearly laid out, and secured in individual compartments when the bag is opened up fully. There is also ample room for additional first aid products, should they be required.

The contents are held in place with elastic loops and the bag itself is water resistant with a double zip closure, which keeps contents clean and dry when used outside. In addition, the bag features an adjustable nylon shoulder strap.

Firse Response Kit Contents:
x1 Clinical waste bag
x4 Large Dressings
x4 Medium Dressings
x1 500ml Eyewash bottle
x4 Eyepads
x2 Foil blanket
x2 Pairs of Gloves
x1 HSE Guidance leaflet
x2 10 packs of assorted washproof plasters
x1 One-way Resuscitation Valve
x1 Bag of Safety pins
x4 Triangular bandages
x1 Pair of Tufkut paramedic scissors
Alcohol-free Wipes

Price:37.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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