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Highlander Cabar Wood Burning Stove

Highlander Cabar Wood Burning Stove
Highlander Cabar Wood Burning StoveCabar Wood Burning Stove - Five PartsCabar Wood Burning Stove - CompactCabar Wood Burning Stove - Wide ApertureCabar Wood Burning Stove - All Fuel Types
Cabar Wood Burning Stove - Long Burn TimeCabar Wood Burning Stove - Perfect For Camping

The Highlander Cabar Wood Burning Stove is a sturdy, powerful stove designed for all types of fuel including charcoal, foraged wood and solid alcohol fuel.

The lightweight steel construction ensures an even distribution of heat and feature vents for excellent airflow and protection from the wind. It also includes a solid alcohol fuel bowl to offer an alternative fuel source.

The stove is made up of five parts, all of which are detachable and can be stored inside each other within the included carry bag to save space. With a weight of 380g and no need to carry heavy fuel, the stove is a space and weight saver.

The double wall construction increases burning efficiency by 30% and a wide aperture makes adding fuel easy and safe. Users should expect approximately 20 minutes burn time from a single fill.

A mesh carry bag is included to carry the stove, which is compact and collapsible.

8cm x 14cm
Pack size: 8 x 14 cm
Weight: 380g

Price:24.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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