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Highlander Reusable Hand Warmer Gel Pads

Highlander Reusable Hand Warmer Gel Pads
Reusable Hand Warmer Gel Pads - Main ViewReusable Hand Warmer Gel Pads - Pads close up

The Highlander Resuable Hand Warmer Gel Pads are a great accessory for keeping your hands warm, either on colder days or after being in the water.

Simply activate the gel pad by the metal disk and place one in your hands or trouser pocket for warmth, which takes only minutes to develop. The pads can then be recharged by placing in boiling water to simmer until the pads turn clear so that they can be use again.

The hand warmer is perfect for skiers, mountain bikers, and hill walkers as they can be placed inside gloves, and also for school children going to school on icy days.

For optimal heat development, it is recommended to put the gel pad in a jacket or trouser pocket or inside a glove.

Comes as a pair.

Activated when needed
Tempertature range: 50°C - 55°C
9.5cm x 1cm

Price:5.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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