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LED Camping Lantern - 1000 Lumens

LED Camping Lantern - 1000 Lumens
1000 Lumens LED Camping Lantern - Main View1000 Lumens LED Camping Lantern - Features1000 Lumen LED Camping Lantern - Dimensions1000 Lumens LED Camping Lantern - Picnic Table Lighting1000 Lumen LED Camping Lantern - Full Brightness at 1000 Lumens
1000 Lumens LED Camping Lantern - 4 Light Settings1000 Lumen camping lantern being carried.

This LED camping lantern has a choice of four light levels with the brightest setting offering a maximum of 1000 lumens which is very bright. This means that the lantern will work well as a main light source when placed in the centre of a picnic table or hung in the middle of a large tent or gazebo.

The LED lantern offers 360 degrees of light using its 4x COB 5w LEDs and the lantern housing is made from durable plastic with rubber trims. This is a very rugged and durable lantern, great for taking with you on your adventures.

The lantern is powered by four D Cell batteries (not included) which are easily replaced by unscrewing the base from the upper section. With a new set of batteries we got the following time from each light level at full brightness:

Max: 4 Hours
High: 6.5 Hours
Medium: 12 Hours
Low: 320 Hours

After these amounts of time, the lantern still functions but the brightness slowly tapers off.

The carry handle folds flat so it doesn't get in the way when not in use and the lantern is weather resistant and so can handle being used outdoors, in damp or wet conditions.

4 Light Levels: Full Brightness 1000 Lumens
360 Degrees of Light
Large Tent / Gazebo Main Light Source
4x COB 5w LEDs
Durable and Weatherproof Design
Fold Flat Carry Handle
Suitable for Outdoor Use
Weight (with batteries installed): 1.2kg

Price:17.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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