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Neoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest

Neoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest
Neoprene Zipped Wetsuit VestNeoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest - Male fitNeoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest - Female fitNeoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest - Unisex DesignNeoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest - Back View
Neoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest - Zip

The Lomo Neoprene Zipped Vest is ideal for most surface watersports such as kayaking, SUP-ing, jet skiing or warm-water snorkelling. If you've ever been out on one of those roasting summer's days where a wetsuit is just too much but you still need something then this might be the product for you.

With a sleeveless, anatomical design, this neoprene vest is ideal for keeping your body core warm without restricting freedom of movement while swimming or doing other sports.

We've used flatlock stitching for strength and flexibility and added a heavy duty YKK zip, which allows easy entry and exit.

The 3mm vest is made from a high quality, stretchy neoprene and features flatlock stitching and elasticated underarm seams. The end result is a vest which is comfortable and flexible for use in the summer months.

Although designed with swimming in mind, the Neoprene Zipped Vest can be used for kayaking as it hugs the body and keeps the core warm without interfering with paddling.

A similar style of neoprene vest was made popular in the film Deliverance but you dont need to be Burt Reynolds to enjoy the benefits in and out of the water. A great choice for warm summer days.

Our 3mm neoprene zipped vest can be worn alone, with wetsuit shorts or board shorts, for example, or it can be used as a second layer to help keep the body's core warm in colder conditions.

Wetsuit Features:
3mm stretchy neoprene
Flatlock stitching
Elasticated underarm seams
Heavy duty YKK Zipper

Size Chest
Small 33-36"
Medium 37-39"
Large 40-42"
X-Large 42-44"
XX-Large 44-46"
XXX-Large 46-48"


These jackets are designed to be worn tight, like a wetsuit, in order to work. They should be a squeeze to get into, you'll possibly need to breath in to get the zip up and they should be worn whilst stretched over your body in the same way as a wetsuit fits you. If you wish a looser fitting garment, for example if you just wish to use its windproof and splash proof properties but not worry about how it performs when you are in the water, then you should order a much larger size.

Price:35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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