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Sterofreeze Instant Ice Pack - 5 Pack

Sterofreeze Instant Ice Pack - 5 Pack
Ice Packs - 5 PackIce Packs - Single Pack Ice Packs - Squeeze to Activate

Safe and effective ice packs that cool the problem area in seconds and remain cooler for longer.

Ice packs are ideal for many sports injuries, particularly when there are no first aid facilities close by.

Ideal to treat sprains and strains immediately after injury, the most critical time.

Instant ice packs treat multiple injuries, help reduce swelling and bruising and are perfect for the office or workplace.

No need to place ice packs in the freezer, simply squeeze the water sachet inside the pack to activate them.

Ideal for emergency pitchside use.

Packs are suitable for use on children.

This is sold as a pack of 5.

Price:4.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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