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Thermopad Body Warmer

Thermopad Body Warmer
Thermopad Body WarmerActivated On Contact With OxygenComfortable and Discreet

The Thermopad Body Warmer is a great accessory for warming you up, either on colder days, after being in the water or when you're just feeling cold.

These comfortable, discreet body warmers are activated automatically on contact with oxygen when removing the protective foil wrapping and can provide up to 12 hours of warmth.

After activation, simply attach the body warmer, via the adhesive side, to any part of the body on the lowest layer of clothing. Do not apply directly to skin.

Warmth should develop over a few minutes. For optimal heat development, it is recommended to add more layers of insulation on top of the body warmer.

The Thermopad Body Warmer is the ideal companion for outdoor activities, such as skiing and mountain biking, or when you just feel cold all over. The number of body warmers can be increased as desired.

The heat produced can also promote general, physical and emotional well-being and relaxation for leisure, sport and work.

Activates on opening of protective foil
Heat lasts up to 12 hours
9.5cm x 13cm

Price:1.40 (Including VAT at 20%)


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