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Thermopad Hand Warmer

Thermopad Hand Warmer
Thermopad Hand WarmerComes as a PairPerfect for Inside GlovesActivated On Opening Packaging

The Thermopad Hand Warmer is a great accessory for keeping your hands warm, either on colder days or after being in the water.

Activated by contact with oxygen when opening the packaging, the hand warmer can provide up to 12 hours of natural heat. Simply place one in your hands or trouser pocket for warmth, which takes only minutes to develop.

The hand warmer is perfect for skiers and mountain bikers, as they can be placed inside gloves, and also for school children going to school on icy days.

For optimal heat development, it is recommended to put the heat pad in a jacket or trouser pocket or inside a glove.

Comes as a pair.

Activated on opening of packet
Hot for up to 12 hours
8cm x 5m

Price:1.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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