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Tow Float Inflation Valve

Tow Float Inflation Valve
Tow Float Inflation ValveTow Float Inflation Valve - Attached to Tow FloatPlease check which type you need.

This two-piece, wide-mouth Tow Float Inflation Valve allows easy inflation and deflation of our tow floats.

Simply unscrew the top piece to inflate and unscrew both pieces to deflate.

Always ensure both valves are tightly closed before entering the water.

Suitable for use as a replacement valve for our Swimming Tow Float and Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float.

Please check if you require type 1 or 2 by refering to the comparison picture. Please note the wider or narrower thread spacing and the dimple on the rubber valve flap as distinguishing features.

Price:2.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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