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Vantage Swimming Goggles

Vantage Swimming Goggles
Vantage Swimming Goggles - Main ViewVantage Swimming Goggles - Front ViewVantage Swimming Goggles -Rear ViewVantage Swimming Goggles - Top ViewVantage Swimming Goggles - Nose Bridge
Vantage Swimming Goggles - Hard Case

Our Vantage Goggles are ideal for swimming in both the pool and feature a light gradiated tint that is darker at the top than the bottom. The transparent frame and cups make this quite a bright and fresh feeling goggle to wear and some people prefer this feeling to wearing a solid framed non transparent mask.

The goggles feature a low profile design with a clear/gradiated tint lens that combine comfort and performance at a great price.

The goggles feature tough polycarbonate lenses which offer UV protection in the same way that sunglasses do. The light, gradiated tint makes them suitable for both indoows and outdoor swimming.

The lightweight silicone strap is easily adjustable and the split band design reduces pressure on the face and ensures a correct, comfortable fit on the back of the head. The Vantage goggles also come with 3 interchangeable nose briges designed to help fit various nose and head shapes.

The Vantage goggles come in a plastic carry case.

Gradiated, slightly tinted lenses
UV Protection
Soft silicone seal
Thee interchangeable nose bridges
Split head band design
Easily adjustable

Care Tip
To maintain your goggles avoid scratching or rubbing them by keeping them safe in a protective pouch and remember to rinse the lenses after every swim.
To remove any chlorine or other harmful chemicals, gently rinse them in lukewarm water. Leave the goggles to dry and in the case of goggles with an antifog coating, try to avoid rubbing or touching the lenses as this may start to remove the coating.

Price:11.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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