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Vigour Polarised Swimming Goggles

Vigour Polarised Swimming Goggles
Vigour Swimming Goggles - Main ViewVigour Swimming Goggles - Side View Vigour Swimming Goggles - Polarised LensesVigour Swimming Goggles - FeaturesVigour goggles - rear view
Vigour goggles - caseIdeal for use with our caps and nose clips (not included)

Our Vigour Goggles are ideal for open water swimming where the combination of comfort, an excellent seal, adjustable fitting and tinted polarised UV anti-fog lenses combine to make an unbeatable triathlon accessory.

These high quality swimming goggles feature a tough polycarbonate lens and a flexible, easily adjustable strap. The silicone eyecup gives an amazing seal against the face and ensures a great fit.

With an anti fog coating plus UV tinted lenses (similar to sunglasses) our Vigour swimming goggles are perfect for outdoor swimming.

The polarised lenses held reduce glare from the sun by filtering out much of the reflected light bouncing off the surface of the water as you swim towards the sun.

Polarised Lenses
Silicone eyecup for comfort and seal
Tinted lenses for bright days
Anti-fog coating
UV shield protection
Fast and easy adjustment
Zipped case for protection

Care Tip
To maintain your goggles avoid scratching or rubbing them by keeping them safe in a protective pouch and remember to rinse the lenses after every swim. To remove any chlorine or other harmful chemicals, gently rinse them in lukewarm water. Leave the goggles to dry and in the case of goggles with an antifog coating, try to avoid rubbing or touching the lenses as this may start to remove the coating.

Price:16.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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