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Lomo Aluminium Boat Hook

Lomo Aluminium Boat Hook
Aluminium Extendable Boat Hook - Main ViewAluminium Extendable Boat Hook - DimensionsAluminium Extendable Boat Hook - Fully Extended DimensionsAluminium Extendable Boat Hook - Strong Plastic Hook / PushAluminium Extendable Boat Hook - Handle

Our Extendable Aluminium Boat Hook is mostly used for grabbing and retrieving lines in the water.

The boat hook has a dual purpose end with a hook for pulling and a blunt nose for pushing. There is a strong twist-lock mechanism to keep hold of the pole when extended.

Boat hooks like this have a multitude of uses and are indispensible on any small boat.

Whether it's helping you take up a mooring or catching a line from the water, a boat hook is an invaluable piece of kit.

Extendable from 127cm - 201cm
Aluminium shaft
Plastic hook

Price:14.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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