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Bushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set

Bushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set
Bushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set Bundle - Main ViewBushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set - Lomo 3m x 3m TarpBushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set - 100ft / 30m of 4mm ParacordBushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set - 6 Pack of Aluminium PegsBushcraft Survival Bivi Shelter Tarp Set - 4 Pack of Tarp Clamps

This Bushcraft Survival Shelter Tarp Set contains everything you need to set up a simple bivi/basha shelter.

We have included our 3m x 3m Tarp which is ideal for using as the shelter canopy. It's waterproof and features strategically placed loops that make it easy to attach paracord to.

There is 30 meters of paracord included too which is more than enough for shelter making and is suitable for loads more camp projects.

The 4mm paracord is strong but lightweight and is made from seven-strand nylon which can be separated if you need a thin strong thread for repairs.

Also included is a four pack of tarp clamps. These clip on to the edge of your tarp and the lock mechanism ensures a tight grip onto the tarpaulin. You can then thread the paracord through the eyelet or use pegs to peg it to the ground.

Although the 3m x 3m Tarp comes with basic guy lines and four pegs, we have included an additional set of six aluminium pegs as these are high quality and will give you a lot more freedom when making your survival shelter.

All in all, this bushcraft shelter set should have all you need to get started making a basic bivi shelter.

The contents of the bivi shelter kit are available for purchase separately if you only want some of the items or want to buy some extras.

Contents Per Set:
1x 3m x 3m Tarp
100ft / 30m of 4mm Paracord
4x Tarp Clamps
6x Aluminium Tent Pegs

Weight Of Set: 1.2kg

Price if bought separately: 37.17

Price:31.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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