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Compact Inflatable Camping Mat

Compact Inflatable Camping Mat
Compact Air Matress - Main ViewCompact Air Matress - DimensionsCompact Air Matress - Inflated Thickness of 6cmCompact Air Matress - Compact Carry Bag DimensionsCompact Air Matress - Full Size Mattress Compressed Into Small Dry Bag
Compact Air Matress - Carry Bag DimensionsCompact Air Matress - Inflated DemonstrationCompact Air Matress - Inflation / Deflation Instructions

These Inflatable Camping Mats are ideal for saving space when compared to a foam roll mat that would typically be strapped to the outside of your bag.

Instead, this mattress compacts into a small dry bag, which is provded, so it can be stored inside your rucksack, protecting it from damage and the elements.

Our inflatable mat is ideal for camping and hiking as it compact when packed but big enough to be used by most grown adults when inflated. The 6cm thick mattress also offers the user comfort when sleeping in a tent. The whole product, mattress and dry bag. is very lightweight, weighing only 550 grams so it easy to carry.

This air bed is easily inflated by mouth so doesn't require a pump. It's therefore suitable for trips where you don't want to carry a pump or you will be without electricity.

Suitable For Grown Adult
Easily Inflatable By Mouth/No Pump Required
Compacts Into Small Dry Bag (provided)
R-Value - 2.0

190cm x 56cm (when inflated)
11cm x 25cm (when packed)
Weight: 550 grams

Price:28.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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