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150' Dive Reel - 45m

150' Dive Reel - 45m
150' Dive Reel - Main View150' Dive Reel - Side View150' Dive Reel - Reel Close Up

Our Lomo dive reel features 150 feet/45 meters of 2mm line and a 2-position control lever allowing the reel to lock, ratchet or free flow.

The 150' dive reel is made from tough ABS plastic and is ideal for use by divers who wish to deploy a delayed SMB (Surface Marker Buoy). It can also be used in wreck dives and caves so you can find your way back out.

As the maximum depth of a recreational dive is usually around 130 feet, the 150 feet of line on our dive reel is enough so even if there is a strong current, you will still have enough line to reach the surface. The Dive Reel also features a handy hole in the handle so you can attach it, using a carbine clip, to a BCD.

Our dive reels are specifically designed to compete with products that cost twice the price. If you compare the performance and the quality of our products to our competitors', we're sure you'll agree that our products represent unbelievable value for money.

Approximate breaking strain of line - 75kg

Price:14.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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