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Retractable Lanyard

Retractable Lanyard
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Our Retractable Lanyard features a G-Clip on one end and a stainless circular ring on the other. The cable extends to approximately 43 inches/109 cm in length and the lanyard is very popular with divers who use it for attaching dive accessories to a BCD.

The retractable lanyard can be used to attach dive accessories like a compass, torch or dive slate to a BCD. It is great for keeping an item tucked away until it is needed, at which time it is easy to reach and when released, it will retract back again.

Although you can use the retractable lanyard to attach a camera to a BCD, we would actually recommend our quick release lanyard for that specific purpose as the quick release lanyard will hold a camera more securely.

We have also noticed that our customers use the retractable lanyard for other sports aside from diving. For example, the lanyard is great accessory to take skiing as it is great for keeping a ski pass handy for when you need it.

Price:19.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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