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Compact Dive Finger Reel - 30m / 100'

Compact Dive Finger Reel - 30m / 100'
30m Compact  Finger Reel - Main View30m Compact  Finger Reel - Height Dimensions30m Compact  Finger Reel - Width Dimensions

The Lomo Compact Dive Finger Reel is a simple and compact dive reel that is easily stored away in a BCD pocket without taking up too much space.

The spool of our Compact Dive Finger Reel is made from plastic so it is lightweight. It houses 30 meters/100 feet of line and we have included a sturdy, double-ended brass snap clip so it can be easily attached to an SMB (Surface Marker Buoy).

The Compact Dive Finger Reel is small enough to stow in a drysuit pocket and can hold enough line so a diver can send up a DSMB and use the line attached to the finger spool to ascend. This is the most common use for finger spools in an open water environment.

Due to the compactness of the finger reel, it is a great tool to use when performing underwater searches using a circular pattern. Divers can simply tie off the end of the line to an anchor or object and swim around in a circle to look for a missing object. In addition to doing circular search patterns, our compact reel can also be used in overhead environments, to do lost line and lost buddy searches.

Our diving reels are specifically designed to compete with products that cost twice the price elsewhere.

30m/100' Line
Includes double ended brass snap

Price:8.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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