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Dry Bag - Bum Bag \ Waist Pouch

Dry Bag - Bum Bag \ Waist Pouch
Bum Bag Dry Bag - Front ViewBum Bag Dry Bag - Back ViewBum Bag Dry Bag - Side ViewBum Bag Dry Bag - On BeachBum Bag Dry Bag - Dimensions

These waterproof dry bags are great for keeping small items in, such as keys, wallet, passport, etc. The bags roll down top protects your belongings safe from splashes, driving rain and even brief immersions. These waterproof bags are very popular with motorcyclists as they allow you to keep items handy and dry at the same time.

Please note these bags are not designed for wearing whilst swimming or for any activity where the bag will be completely immersed and agitated for long periods of time. Some water may penetrate the closure after an extended period.

Made of waterproof material.

Weight: 195g

Price:10.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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