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Flat Kayak Wall Rack - Yellow

Flat Kayak Wall Rack - Yellow
Flat Suspension Kayak Wall Rack - Main ViewFlat Suspension Kayak Wall Rack - Adjustable StrapsFlat Suspension Kayak Wall Rack - Kayak Cradle DimensionsFlat Suspension Kayak Wall Rack - All Parts NeededFlat Suspension Kayak Wall Rack - Strap Instruction Manual
Flat Suspension Kayak Wall Rack - Illustration of Use

This flat kayak wall rack is perfect for those who want to store their kayak off the ground. It also makes packing your kayak for a trip really easy as you can stand up while doing it. This can be much better for your back because you don't have to kneel down, trying to awkwardly push your gear into the stern. Then once your kayak is packed you can put on a neoprene cockpit cover and you're set to go.

We made these flat kayak wall racks using the same trustworthy steel construction that our Deluxe Kayak Wall Rack is made from. The flat design of this kayak wall rack lets you rest a kayak in a flat or horizontal position to free up floor space and make it easier to inspect the top of the kayak.

The main benefit of these kayak wall mount hooks is that they feature strong webbing suspension straps which means the kayak is not resting on the metal frame bars. Instead the kayak is suspended which can help prevent damage to the outer surface of your kayak.

The suspension strap also continues around your kayak and you can adjust them to make sure your kayak is safely and securely held in place. This offers great peace of mind that your kayak is safe from accidental knocks and bumps.

The set of flat kayak wall mounts comes with the screws and wall plugs needed for mounting it to your garage wall, shed or similar place. If you are not a competent DIYer then we do recommend hiring someone skilled to mount the brackets firmly to the wall.

These kayak racks are a great value way to store your kayak safely while also freeing up floor space.

Maximum weight split between the 2 supports - 50kg. This is assuming the method of attaching to the wall is strong enough.

Flat / Horizontal Storage for Kayak
Durable Steel Bar Mounts
Adjustable Strong Webbing Straps
Suspension Cradle Sling System
Easy Height for Kayak Packing
Brackets, Screws and Wall Plugs Included

Price:35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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