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Lomo Fleece Tube Neck Scarf

Lomo Fleece Tube Neck Scarf
Fleece Tube Neck Scarf - Main ViewFleece Tube Neck Scarf - Worn Around NeckFleece Tube Neck Scarf - Covers Mouth, Chin, Nose and Cheeks

This tube-shaped thermal fleece neck scarf can be used for anything from motorcycling to hill walking and is designed to be comfortably worn as a scarf or as a face mask.

Both edges of the scarf have an elastic trim which allows you to comfortably rest an edge of the scarf on your nose bridge.

This helps protect your nose, mouth and cheeks from the cold which is extremely beneficial should the weather turn unexpectedly.

Although lightweight at only 35 grams, this scarf is made from warm thermal fleece which is easily compacted into a small size to save space in your bag when packed away.

Our fleece tube scarf is the perfect addition to any outdoors kit bag and our sea kayaking customers will also love them on cold blowy days.

Price:4.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

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