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3mm Green Screen Wetsuit for Movie & Film

3mm Green Screen Wetsuit for Movie & Film

This 3mm wetsuit was designed to be used on movie and film recording sets and is made from warm and comfortable 3mm neoprene with a chroma green colouring.

When the actor wears this suit it will keep them warm and the chroma green allows the suit to disappear when using greenscreen technology. This is ideal if applying special effects in post-production.

Size Height Weight Chest Waist
XXS 152-157CM5'0" - 5'2" 45-52KG100-115lbs 76-81CM30-32" 59-63CM23-25"
XS 157-162CM5'2" - 5'5" 52-59KG115-130lbs 81-86CM32-34" 63-68CM25-27"
Small 162-165CM5'4" - 5'6" 59-66KG130-145lbs 86-91CM34-36" 67-74CM27-29"
Medium 170-173CM5'7" - 5'9" 66-74KG145-155lbs 91-98CM36-39" 74-84CM29-33"
Medium Wide170-175CM5'7" - 5'10" 77-97KG170-215lbs 104-116CM41-46" 89-99CM35-39"
Large 175-182CM5'10" - 6'0" 74-82KG162-180lbs 96-104CM38-41" 81-89CM32-35"
X-Large 178-185CM5'10" - 6'3" 82-90KG180-198lbs 101-107CM40-42" 86-91CM34-36"

Price:130.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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