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Kayak & SUP Board Ceiling Mount

Kayak & SUP Board Ceiling Mount
Kayak & SUP Ceiling Mount - Main ViewKayak & SUP Ceiling Mount - Shelf Either SideKayak & SUP Ceiling Mount - One Side Shelves Kayak & SUP Ceiling Mount - DimensionsKayak & SUP Ceiling Mount - Bars, Wall Plugs and Screws Included
Kayak & SUP Ceiling Mount - Illustration & Demonstration of Use

Our ceiling mounts allow up to 53cm of space between the garage roof and the support bars to house a kayak or SUP board. This makes for a safe and secure kayak ceiling storage solution while freeing up some much needed floor space in a garage, shed or similar indoor space.

Having your kayak and SUP boards neatly stored out of the way allows you to house your boards in what is usually an unused space. The ceiling mounts are easy to use and as they are construction using steel, they can hold 2 SUP boards or 2 kayaks.

The arms of the ceiling mounts feature a durable rubber sleeve which wraps around and will help protect the kayak / SUP boards from possible scratches. Mounting them on the ceiling also makes it a lot less likely that they will get accidentally knocked or bumped.

Depending on the thickness and size of your SUP boards you have the choice of having both arms on the same side or having one either side. This means that if your garage layout will only allow you easy access from one side, you can still take advantage of having the ability to store 2 SUP boards on the ceiling rack.

The kayak ceiling mount kit comes with all of the bars, screws and ceiling plugs needed for fitting the brackets to the ceiling. If you are not a competent DIYer though, we recommend hiring someone skilled to fit them for you. Once installed, they are really easy to use because there are no moving parts.

Suitable for SUP Boards, Surfboards or Kayaks
Strong Steel Bar Mounts
Durable Rubber Arm Sleeves to Protect Boards
Neat Overhead Storage of SUP Boards or Kayak
Brackets, Screws and Wall Plugs Included

Price:44.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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