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SUP & Kayak Paddle Bag - Full Length

SUP & Kayak Paddle Bag - Full Length
Kayak Paddle Bag - Main ViewKayak Paddle Bag - Can Take 2 PaddlesKayak Paddle Bag - Fragile Warnings

Our SUP and Kayak Paddle Bags are great for protecting your car interior from dirty sup and kayak paddles while also protecting your expensive paddles in transport.

The full length bag can fit two full length paddles if they are similar shapes and feature a carry handle plus a shoulder strap. Also, there are 'Fragile' & 'Handle with Care' warnings on the bag.

These full length paddle bags are adjustable from 200-225cm to fit sup, white water & touring paddles.

Unlike many other paddle bags on the market, these bags are firmly padded throughout and represent great value for money.

Adjustable Length: 200-225cm
Weight: 1420g

Price:32.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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