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Large Beach Towel Clips - 4 Pack

Large Beach Towel Clips - 4 Pack
Large Towel Clip Pegs - Main ViewLarge Towel Clip Pegs - DimensionsLarge Towel Clip Pegs - Dark PinkLarge Towel Clip Pegs - Light PinkLarge Towel Clip Pegs - Lavender
Large Towel Clip Pegs - Lime GreenLarge Towel Clip Pegs - Beach BlueLarge Towel Clip Pegs - Comparison

These towel clips are brilliant devices to take with you on your holidays and will keep your towel firmly in place when clipping it to a sun bed lounger.

Unlike the most other low cost towel clips available on the market, our beach towel clips are made from strong, durable plastic and the spring tension is a lot stronger so it gives a far better hold.

Our beach towel clip is also much bigger (as seen in comparison picture), longer, and has a wider mouth allowing it to hold further down the lounger. This also allows it to fit thicker loungers .

Available in 5 different colours.

Each order is a 4 Pack of one colour.

Price:2.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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