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50cm / 20" Belt Extension Strap for the Kayak Throw Line

50cm / 20
Lomo Throwline Belt Extension Strap - Main ViewLomo Throwline Belt Extension Strap - 50cm ExtensionLomo Throwline Belt Extension Strap - Correct Clips for BeltLomo Throwline Belt Extension Strap - Attached to 15m Throwline Belt

This 50cm strap is designed to extend the belt that comes attached to the 15m kayak throw line.

Normally the pre-fitted belt on the 15m throwline is a sufficient size for most customers although when some users wear very thick clothing / drysuits so this extension strap will help extend the belt a further 20 inches.

The extension strap is easy to fit with the correct male and female clips that are already on the belt.

Price:1.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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