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Marlin BC Diving Knife - Yellow - Pointed Tip

Marlin BC Diving Knife - Yellow - Pointed Tip
Yellow Marlin BC Diving Knife - Main ViewYellow Marlin BC Diving Knife - Blade and Knife DimensionsYellow Marlin BC Diving Knife - Knife and Sheath DimensionsYellow Marlin BC Diving Knife - Side ViewYellow Marlin BC Diving Knife - Blade View
Yellow Marlin BC Diving Knife - Diving Underwater View

The Marlin BC Knife has a 3" high quality 304 stainless steel blade.

These BC knives feature a single piece tang. This means that the knife blade is made from a single piece of steel that runs through the handle until it pops out at the other end and allows you to use the butt or heel of the knife to bash things with if you need to.

The ergonomic grip design makes it easy to get a strong hold on the knife using your thumb and index finger for control.

The BC knife blade has a sharp pointed tip, a serrated edge on one side for cutting rope and a smooth curved edge on the other side for traditional cutting actions. There is also a line cutter making this a versatile diving knife that can handle fishing lines, nets, ropes as well as lots of other cutting tasks.

The BC knife is held very securely in the sheath and the knife release button can be operated easily, even with a gloved hand. The release button is protected by a raised profile around 3 sides which helps stop accidental presses.

The knife can lock into the sheath on either side which means it is comfortably used by both right and left handed people. There are multiple attachment options on the sheath with holes for a knife strap or you can use the BC hose strap clip which is held strongly in place with Philips screws. Also, at the butt of the knife there is a lanyard hole for attaching cordage through.

The high vis yellow colour scheme helps improve the visibility of the knife in dark condition. This is especially useful when diving underwater.

Although designed for diving, this product is also popular with kayakers and sailors who have similar requirements for a strong, durable, reliable and compact knife that can attach to a buoyancy aid.

Blade Length: 8cm
Overall Length (in sheath): 18.5cm
Colour: Yellow Sheath / Black Handle
Material: 304 Marine Stainless Steel

** Over 18 Age Restricted Item **
Proof of age requried on delviery

New laws which are currently only partly in force around the sales of knives are very complicated. The laws in Scotland are also slightly different to the laws in the rest of the UK but we have customers all over the UK so need to navigate our way through both sets of legislation. Statutory guidance on how to approach the online sale of knives has been delayed by covid leaving retailers in a confusing position and unsure exactly what they can and cant do.

We are doing the following. Firstly we have a licence to sell knives in Scotland issued by Glasgow City Council. If you buy a knife in our store you must provide proof of age and we must record this sales and who you are. If you buy online you can only do so if you are over 18. We will use a delivery service that will check this and require you to show them a valid national ID (Passport or drivers licence). If you cannot show the delivery driver proof of your age they will not give you the parcel.

We cannot deliver to a locker or leave the parcel somewhere safe (Such as in the porch etc) if you are out. An over 18 adult must sign for the delivery and show proof of age when you receive it.

Please note we currently dont ship knives outwith the UK.

Price:15.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

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