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Octopus Mouthpiece Holder

Octopus Mouthpiece Holder

Our Octopus Mouthpiece Holder is very popular amongst divers. The Mouthpiece Holder can clip on to a diver's BCD so it is in an easily available position, if and when you need it. It is also designed to keep sand and debris from entering the mouthpiece. This gives the diver peace of mind that when it is needed, it will be clear and ready to use.

The plastic snap-hook clips the Octopus Mouthpiece Holder on to a BCD. The holder is designed to securely house the mouthpiece so that it won't accidentally come out. At the same time, it is also flexible enough so you can easily detach your mouthpiece from the holder, should you need to do so during a dive.

The bright yellow design of the Octopus Mouthpiece Holder helps improve the visibility of it when being used in darker conditions.

This is extremely helpful in an emergency situation when you or possibly other divers need to be able to see where it is.

Our Mouthpiece Holder can also be used out of water as it will help keep dirt, dust or debris from getting in to the mouthpiece when you are storing your dive gear.

Our Octopus Mouthpiece Holder is designed to compete with products that can cost twice the price.

Price:3.86 (Including VAT at 20%)


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