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Raptor Diving Fins

Raptor Diving Fins
Raptor Diving Fins - Main ViewRaptor Diving Fins - Foot Pocket SoleRaptor Diving Fins - Fin Blade DimensionsRaptor Diving Fins - Top and Bottom ViewRaptor Diving Fins - Quick Release Buckle
Raptor Diving Fins - On BeachRaptor Diving Fins - Sport Diver Best Value Award

Our Raptor Fins are extremely comfortable to use and feature a central rubber flex section than bends each time you fin with you legs.

This flipper design helps increase propulsion and maneuverability when diving and the yellow colour scheme helps keep you in sight of your fellow divers when on a dive.

These are open back fins and the foot pocket was designed so they can be worn with diving boots.

Blade Dimensions:
Length 55cm / Width 26.5cm

Weight: 1.05kg each

Sport Diver awarded these fins their "Best Value" award in their comparitive test.

Sold In Pairs

Price:25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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