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Solid Fuel Camping Stove

Solid Fuel Camping Stove

This Solid Fuel Camping Stove is a great camping accessory as it's so lightweight and compact.

It's has a strong and stable steel construction and comes with 4 fuel tablets, which are easily ignited with a match and burn without odour.

This pocket-sized cooker provides 8 minutes of intense heat per tablet for cooking or for emergency warmth.
Light-weight, strong and compact the solid-fuel cooker is ideal for outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing or hiking. Also excellent for emergency use or to store in your survival kit or go bag. The hex tablets will work in sub-zero conditions and at high altitudes. The tablets will not create smoke and will not leave a residue.

Store fuel tablets away from heat
Non edible : keep out of reach of children
Keep tablets in packaging until required
Stove opens to two positions, to take different sized cooking pans.
Position stove for use on a level non-flammable surface away from flammable materials

Price:3.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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