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Spring Fin Straps

Spring Fin Straps
Spring Fin Straps - Main ViewSpring Fin Straps - Side ViewSpring Fin Straps - Back ViewSpring Fin Straps - Release Buckle View

This type of Spring Fin Strap is growing in popularity with divers as it makes getting fins on and off much easier.

Our spring fin straps have side release buckles so they can be easily removed and they are also interchangeable with standard fin straps as they will fit most popular types of fins.

Our Spring Fin Straps come in 4 different sizes.

S - 34cm/13.5" inches
M - 36cm/14" inches
L - 38cm/15" inches
XL - 40cm/16" inches

Price:14.60 (Including VAT at 20%)


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