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Diving Knife Straps - Velcro (Sold as Pair)

Diving Knife Straps - Velcro (Sold as Pair)
Velcro Diving Knife Straps - Main ViewVelcro Diving Knife Straps - Length DimensionsVelcro Diving Knife Straps - Strap Width DimensionsVelcro Diving Knife Straps - Sold as a Pair

These Diving Knife Straps come as a pair and are adjustable using velcro, making them a comfortable fit for all users.

Designed to attach your diving knife sheath to the calf of your leg at the top and or bottom, the knife strap offers for a secure fastening.

As the knife strap features velcro, this makes it easy to neatly store any excess strap so it doesn't interfere with your other diving equipment.

With a strap width of 20mm, the diving knife strap will fit through the eyelets of most diving knife sheaths.

Price:4.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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