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Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger 5

Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger 5
Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger 5 - Main ViewWetsuit & Drysuit Hanger 5 - DimensionsWetsuit & Drysuit Hanger 5 - Regular Hanger Comparison

This Wetsuit and Drysuit hanger is much wider and more durable than a standard household hanger as it is made from strong plastic.

The wetsuit hanger features wide shoulder arms which help reduce potential creases or dents that you might get if using a thin standard hanger.

Also, the top hanging hook can rotate 360 degrees to make storing your wetsuit simple and easy.

Although wider than a regular hanger, the Hanger 5 is the same length. This makes it ideal for storing your wetsuit in a standard size wardrobe where you may not have the extra space for a longer hanger.

This hanger will be suitable for hanging either a wetsuit or a drysuit and the wide format will help to store the suit safely.

Price:7.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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