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Jumbo Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger

Jumbo Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger
Large Wetsuit Hanger - Main ViewLarge Wetsuit Hanger - Front ViewLarge Wetsuit Hanger - Back ViewLarge Wetsuit Hanger - Vented Hanger ArmsLarge Wetsuit Hanger - Dimensions
Large Wetsuit Hanger - Compared to Regular Household HangerLarge Wetsuit Hanger - Demonstration of SizeLarge Wetsuit Hanger - In Use

This Wetsuit Hanger is much larger and wider than standard household hangers and is made from strong, durable plastic.

The hangers large size makes it perfect for safely storing a heavy wetsuit and its wider vented arms helps to stop creasing your suit.

Also, the top hanging hook rotates 360 degrees to make storing your wetsuit simple and easy.

This hanger helps to maintain your wetsuit and is a much better storage solution compared to using a normal hanger.

Although designed primarily as a wetsuit hanger, this will also be suitable to hang a drysuit as it is strong enough and the wide format will help to store a dry suit safely.

Price:13.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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