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White Water Safety DVD

White Water Safety DVD
White Water Safety DVD - Front CoverWhite Water Safety DVD - Back CoverWhite Water Safety DVD - DVD Case

Whitewater safety with Bruce Jolliffe and Dougie Shannon is a concise instructional guide on safety and rescue methods suitable for whitewater kayakers and canoeists.

Presented in 10 easy to follow chapters this DVD covers how to:-

Prepare for the whitewater environment
Recognise river features
Strategically navigate rapids
Self Rescue,
Help other paddlers
Recover Equipment

The 10 chapters are as follows:

1. Getting Ready
2. River Features
3. What Makes a Safer Paddler?
4. Group Boating Strategies
5. Safe Swimming and Self Rescue
6. Basic Assisted Rescues
7. The Art of Throwbags
8. Hitches, Knots and Anchors
9. Wading, Live Bait and Taglines
10. Recovering Equipment

This film is made by EDDYLINE FILMS , a local company who Lomo are helping to distribute their new safety DVD.

Price:19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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